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Elise's books

My first historical romance "My Lady Governess" is published by Harlequin's Escape division!

What happens when the haughtiest man in England, Lord de Waare, meets Marina, a governess who can't help speaking her mind to him?  And what happens when his very ambitious hostess decides to get her daughter a husband at all costs?  Probably not what you'd expect!

My Lady Governess is the first in a series of books around a group of friends and the women they fall in love with.  

Following de Waare's adventures, London's favourite Corinthian struggles to handle life when a smash-hit book depicts him as a desperate love-seeker...and then his best friend gets engaged to a completely unsuitable girl.  My Lady Original sees the drop-dead gorgeous Jack Darenth struggle to stay sane, not helped by a bouncy, clever and not-very-well-behaved Scot, Lady Hermione Pargeter.

Of course Jack has an unmarried, terribly shouty younger brother who needs a wife before he goes completely out of control, but Major Darenth is still in sunny ignorance of what's coming.  Meanwhile his friend Franz Kalazimiercz has landed in Bath to the disgust of Daphne Armitage, who wouldn't touch a Polish lover-boy if she was paid and wants him to get out of her husband-hunting way, while Lady Hermione's sister, Lady Annabel, has just stumbled on a skeleton in a cavalry officer's house, and alongside that is the eternal question: what did happen to Stephen Darenth in Vienna while Rachel was blowing up cellars?

There are glamorous lover-boys, Army officers, dangerous widowers and mad professors to come.  There are free-thinkers, bad chemists,  explorers and out-of-depth heiresses.

Watch this space!

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