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Welcome to my site, talking about historical romance, and both aspects in general.  Have a look around, and please feel free to send me any suggestions for books etc.  

Elise - the bio


Elise Clarke started writing when she was a teenager, publishing poetry and short stories in magazines - some good, some pretty dreadful.  At university, she invented tales of her turbulent life that she sold to see herself through, or wrote angry letters to newspapers for cash.  Luckily, she got a proper job to support herself when she did her PhD, then became a historian.  She has written several papers and a prize-nominated book on medieval Egypt.

However, her major literary love is historical romance.  Her first book "My Lady Governess" was published with Harlequin's Escape in December 2017.  Her second, My Lady Original, was published in December 2018, with a short story in an anthology to come in 2020 with another book alongside and since she has several more up her sleeve, watch this space!

She lives in rural England in a 500 year old house/renovation project, which she shares with her extremely understanding Scots husband and their two sons.

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