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November 7, 2019

Every so often in the UK, with it being a monarchy, there comes the madness of a royal wedding and the increasingly insane media circus around it.  Think Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Diana Spencer, and you get the idea.  However, this is nothing new.  


September 24, 2019

Now here's a surprise.  These days we expect our heroines to take the lead at times, or at least not to sit about being passive drips - the days of the woman shrieking helplessly while the man did all the work are long gone.  Even in Georgian and Tudor times, some wome...

September 22, 2019

With massive thanks to another wonderful author who has agreed to share her experience as a novelist, I welcome multi-award-winning writer Annie West.  A USA Today best-selling author, Annie writes contemporary romance including the Royal Brides for Desert Brothers ser...

September 12, 2019

I cannot believe this.  Since the new year I have been desperately trying to write the third book in the My Lady's Heart series, but here I am still trying even though I have the characters, story and half the dialogue already worked out.  The problem is, Fate doesn't...

August 8, 2019

Everyone knows the terrible story of Titanic: the unsinkable ship that sank catastrophically in the north Atlantic in 1912, killing 1,500 people.  Most of these were the working class who sailed third class, in a world run on strictly class-divided lines.  Titanic also...

July 29, 2019

Huge thanks to the lovely Leisl Leighton for agreeing to give an interview today.  A multiple award-winning writer with big vision, she chats about vampires, restaurants and inter-galactic plots...

Leisl, how did you get started as a writer?

I used to run a theatre rest...

July 22, 2019

It’s a beautiful day here, and a perfect one to go somewhere just as beautiful, famous for its great romance.  Behold the splendour of Hever Castle, childhood home of Anne Boleyn.  A smitten Henry VIII came to stay here, or sometimes stayed a few miles away at a huntin...

April 8, 2019

Thank you to romance writer Susanne Bellamy for sharing her thoughts and experiences today.  Author of the Lark Creek and Hearts of the Outback series, Susanne lives on the edge of the Australian bush when she isn't trekking all over the world!

How did you get started a...

March 21, 2019

There is a reason why I like writing books set in the early 1800s despite being a medieval historian by trade.  It's also a reason why I suspect Mr Darcy is still so popular - many lovely heroes haven't his longevity, but then nor do many heroes have the power of the s...

March 17, 2019

Renee Dahlia is an Australian romance writer known for her feisty women and dark humour in books including Heart of a Bluestocking and the Merindah Park series.  She kindly agreed to be my first interviewee from other authors; here, Renee talks horses, her favourite he...

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