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Argh! Delays, delays, delays

I cannot believe this. Since the new year I have been desperately trying to write the third book in the My Lady's Heart series, but here I am still trying even though I have the characters, story and half the dialogue already worked out. The problem is, Fate doesn't want to give me the time, and worse, nor do some incompetents in my life who make me realize all the more what a phenomenally unattractive trait incompetence is. Not being able to do something, fine by me. Pretending to be amazing then stealing all the work and credit from someone else because you're too lazy and useless, not ok, and when it gets in the way of my writing career, I have the RAGE!

Also, I've had a big fight over which story to do first. I started with Lady Hermione's sister, Lady Annabel, and was going along splendidly until I realized that that story contains Franz Kalazimiercz, Vienna's greatest lover-boy. Unfortunately, Kalazimiercz (or Callaghan, as he just sighs for everyone in London to call him) will be a complete stranger unless I go further back to the earliest of them all: Stephen Darenth, Jack Darenth's six feet five "little" brother. Without Stephen, one can't really grasp the impact of Callaghan. Possibly I should have started with him, since he does come first, but I started with Tam then Jack so there we are. Halfway through handling Annabel, I had to change over, then got mired in a bog of two children under 5, examinations, two jobs and Mr Incompetent (who will be sorry!).

I am fighting back and I expect this to be done this month or next but being so delayed has been a nightmare and horribly upsetting because writing really does mean so much to me. But there's nothing else to be done.

Why was Lord Darenth so protective of Stephen? Why on earth did he recommend filthy books to Tam? What illness did he have and during all this, what exactly is Rachel up to?

Finally, I will be able to write this all down! Stephen, Callaghan, Anthony, Annabel, Lydia and more, all to come. Mr Incompetent, I triumph over you yet.

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