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Woooooo! Wooo and eureka! Tonight I'm celebrating because after wrestling for months, I have completed the first MS of my second book. After shackling off Tam and Marina, another couple has been brought together...enter a lovely Corinthian, whose life is about to be made hell when a smash-hit romance novel tells the world he's just desperate to find true love.

But who could have written this? Who would do this to him? And what on earth his best friend thinking to get engaged to one unsuitable girl when he's blatantly in love with another?

The ton has gone mad. Life has gone mad. Other, hedonistic, badly-behaved girls are just mad to start with. Our lovely Corinthian has far too much to deal with…and that’s before the second book hits.

And now that's underway, it’s time to start on Christmas. In England it’s cold but spring is coming; in this short story, it’s Scotland and spring’s nowhere in sight. What is in sight is a naked man in the snow, with the very unimpressed girl he’s come to inspect. Clearly, this suitor is every bit as useless as the ghastly, flowery letters he writes…which is unlucky, because the girl he’s inspecting certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted!

All this and Thursday is World Book Day. I’m going as Les Miserables in a Smurf hat, cockade, tricolor and French flag face paint all over. This weekend has been brilliant!

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